Thursday, December 16, 2010

Top Picks of the Day - December 16th, 2010

Good afternoon peoples. Is anyone else thirsty? I think tonight will be a World of Beer night. Anyway, today's Top Picks sort of took on a Wikileaks theme. This was not really intentional, but it seems that is is nearly impossible for a info-junkie to escape the 'Leaks. Enjoy!  

Song: Savoy - Intro. "Music. Automatic." I am reeling in my anticipation for up-and-ragers Papadosio to come into my hometown and blow the doors off the newly renovated Hooligans Bar. Even though Savoy wins the song of the day with this hard hitting mix of dirty synths and scattered snares, the track is really serving to get me jazzed up about the show Saturday night.  

News: Irony in a jar. Sweden exposed doing some sketchy stuff with the US. Kicker: via Wikileaks.

Websites: If you are not a hopeless addicted news junkie like myself, this is a great site for Wikileaks cliff notes.

TV Series: Boardwalk Empire. Getting there...

Video: Wikirebels. A very well done and timely documentary on the Wikileaks history and rise to infamy.  Part 1  Part 2 Part 3  Part 4

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