Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top Picks of the Day - December 15th, 2010

Good afternoon and happy Wednesday, or as the more risque might call it, Hump Day.

Here are the Top Picks for today:

Song: Childish Gambino Check out all of his albums and mixtapes. Actor Donald Glover from the great TV series Community is also a rapper. A friend of my brother Desmond suggested I check out Childish last night after dinner. I was playing them the new Lil Wayne track 6'7''. Although his flow does resemble Wayne  I like the word play and overall nerd hip-hop he has crafted. Look out for this kid in the future.

News: George W. Bush admitting his name is associated with the equivalent of legislative cancer. Good form W, I admire your honesty.

Websites: I am still waiting for my invite from In the mean time check out this Pandora-esque art genome project.

TV Series: I squeezed in one episode of Boardwalk Empire last night. At this rate I will finish Season 1 in time for the premiere of the next.

Video: The Brothers Mario movie trailer. The classic culture of Super Mario meets the graphic nature of Grand Theft Auto in a more than creative way.

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