Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top Picks of the Day - December 14th, 2010

Hello Tuesday. I had some above-decent sushi at the Bluefin Sushi & Thai Grill for lunch so I am feeling mellow and meditative. To use a more American word - lethargic. Here are the picks of the day:
Song: Dobie Gray - Drift Away A solid feel good tune that comes to us from 1973. Some how Uncle Kracker's cover of Drift Away in 2003 reached a higher position on US Pop Charts than the near perfect original. Go figure! At least Gray was featured in the track as a member of a duet with Matthew Shafer.     

News: What Twitter and Facebook Can Learn From Phish. Yes, this is a real article. It is also a real good article that pretty much touches upon the facets of life that encompass my existence at work and abroad these days. Do you think he is on to something or just an above-average writer that spends too much time on Phantasy Tour and Facebook.

Websites: Kickstarter.com is a pledge to the project style site that allowes product makers to post descriptions and then users can offer money in return for a peice of the pie when it is completed. 

TV Series: Boardwalk Empire. Tonight is the night...maybe. 

Video: Lego biker hit by a car. Short. Sweet. Instant gold.

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