Monday, December 13, 2010

Top Picks of the Day - December 13th, 2010

Happy Monday. It is abnormally cold down here in south Florida which means it is unbearable in the rest of the country.  Here are some things to get your week going. 

Song: Blur - Song 2. Not a new song by any stretch but I have had the '90s Alternative station on Slacker Radio in constant play today. I guess I could say this is a nod to Damon Albarn for claiming he will seek sobriety, but in truth it is Monday and I really wish that the artificial wind in the music video would blow through the office right now. Everyone seems to need some energy today.

News Article: Uber-dangerous Mexican drug cartel most wanted collects pay for work as a school teacher. I wonder if La Tuta taught the Mexican rendition of D.A.R.E.

Website: Adding on to the list of websites high on my bookmarks bar is GrooveShark. This is a solid user-submitted music network that allows for streaming and playlist building that can then be sent and shared with friends on GrooveShark or even to their email address. 

TV Series: Life got in the way over the weekend and I am still trying to lock down a few hours to complete Boardwalk Empire. Go ahead and throw your hate at me for slacking on such a great show.

Video: Baths - Lovely Bloodflow. This is a cool music video I stumbled across on an article page for work. It is a moving piece featuring an injured Samurai warrior trekking through the forest. What happens next is a blur between fantasy and spiritual realities mixed with a Donnie Darkoesque flare for brilliant creepiness. I am adding Baths to my listening rotation for down tempo vibe tracks. 

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