Friday, September 9, 2011

Langerado 2011 Adds Insult to Injury With Refunds

A little over a week ago the (not so good) folks at Boros Entertainment told us that the Langerado Music Festival would not go on as planned. No details were given and limited refund information on the Langerado website gave ticket holders the option to contact them.

Six days ago I received this message from Front Gate Solutions, the ticket outlet used by Boros Entertainment:
The Langarado Music Festival has been canceled.
Your order will be fully refunded, you will see the credit within 48-72hours. 
Front Gate Tickets
After nearly a week without a change in my bank records I received this message from Front Gate Solutions:
Dear Langarado Music Festival Customer, 
Your Langarado tickets were purchased as Early Bird passes in March of this year.
Since the transaction was made over 90 days ago, a credit card refund is not available, so a refund check has been cut to be mailed to you.
Checks were cut yesterday and will go out in today's mail. You should receive your refund check in about 5-7 business days, they are being mailed from Austin, TX.
If you do not receive your check or have any questions, please contact me.
Greg JohnsonFront Gate Tickets
-- Greg JohnsonFront Gate Tickets512-674-9308512-439-1204-Fax 
The immense level of unprofessionalism and lack of communication between the festival promoters and ticket holders is astounding. The red tape of third party ticket retailer policies should have been cut the day the festival was canceled. The least Boros Entertainment could have done was expedited the refunds of money invested into a failed event.

The projection for reimbursement is now a full 16-18 days since the festival cancelation.

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