Friday, January 14, 2011

Top Picks of the Day - January 14th, 2011

I have been off this week due to a hectic work schedule and having events each night. I was lucky enough to catch the Florida Panthers whooping the Washington Capitals on Tuesday night and then a truly VIP experience with my little brother Josh at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus last night. There are some great pictures of a happy kid on my Facebook. This weekend I head to Crescent Ranch in St. Cloud, FL for the Aura Music Festival. I am very excited to catch up with the guys in the band Papadosio and see some local music folks I haven't seen enough of lately.

News: The Social Network of Spies...kind of. One of many very interesting SocMedia articles I have read today. It is truly amazing how large this wave is becoming in such a short amount of time. Only a slight seismic shift and now we are seeing sets like Cortes Bank of the coast of California.

Song: Sublime - SublimeDoin' Time. Sublime is one of those bands that transcends music and becomes a cultural institution with many cultural identifiers. I often associate the songs with people, events and time periods rather than their own lyrical and musical content. This song crept out of Emily's Pandora today at just the right moment to provide an escape from the work day and "cold" weather we are having in South Florida. 

Video: The era of the flash mob has hit a whole new level. I present, the Wedding Flash Mob.

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