Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Picks of the Day - January 11th, 2011

The Top Pick for song is combined with video for today. I am on the hunt for something new and fresh for tomorrow. Heading down to the Panthers game after work to see them take on the Caps. Look for pictures on my Twitter and Facebook. Go Cats! 

News: Groupon.com is going to take a stab at Super Bowl commercials. A sign that they are working at a 100 mph revenue pace: they could not get into the game sports because those sold out in October...when they didn't have the money or foresight.

Website: Genographic.com Interesting and comprehensive human genetics program discussed at the Google Science Fair panel today. Anyone can participate!

Video: Alpha Rev - Colder Mouths. Warm, eerie vocals mixed with a diverse acoustic ensemble and an underlying piano. The tension slowly builds and drops off with a resonating note from the keys. Its nice to see a band keeping it simple and less formulaic than most. New soft rock that does not suck, who knew it existed?

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