Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top Picks of the Day - December 21st, 2010

Well, we are half way through the short work week. The holiday music is on every station, the mall parking lots are war zones and the amount of wrapping paper being consumed in my house might break a world record. Oh, and I remembered that I know how to embed videos, so now you can simply click the play button on my page. Tomorrow I will be posting a full feature entry. Until then, enjoy.    

Song: Childish Gambino - Untouchable. I know I told you last week to check this guy out, but I decided that maybe a specific example was in order for all the lazy people. 

News: Only in Florida could this happpen. How to beat a DUI in the technology era.

Websites: StumbleUpon  I have known about this site for a while and used it one or twice, but I have finally joined and delved into the concept. I came out on the other end with one thought: this is really cool. If you have yet to get your stumble on check it out.

TV Series: I really want to get the entire Alf seasons on DVD. Consider it added to my wish list.  

Video: Human beings never cease to amaze me in what they are willing to try and then how good they can be at something. These guys attached flyer parachutes to them as they ski down a huge mountain and get fully airbourne. Next level type stuff here.

Superior, Speed Fly from Marshall Miller on Vimeo.

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