Wednesday, October 8, 2008

End of Phish Hampton Reunion Pre-sale Requests

At 11:59am today, October 8th, 2008, the pre-sale requests ended for Phish's 3 night run in Hampton.  Although details of the pre-sale itself have been feverishly debated on web-based forums all week, groups of friends and phans - how many total requests there were (estimates ranging across the board, but up to 130,000), the amount of tickets that will be alloted in the pre-sale for each night and how winners will be given tickets on a day by day basis - but only one thing is for certain.  We are now left with the just a small sense of hope that we may be one of the lucky 41,400 that are given a chance to go.  If the high estimates are correct, there will have been nearly 390,000-400,000 individual ticket requests (assuming each person requested all three nights).  If the high estimates for alloted amount for each night is correct, from 5,000-6,000, this leaves you with a 4.5% chance of getting tickets to one night.  Getting another night leaves you with even worse odds, and all three looks like a miracle.  

Of course this is all based on unconfirmed numbers, and doesn't have much relevance in reality, but I would be kidding myself if I haven't been thinking about it a lot since October 1st.  What else am I supposed to be thinking about? Anyway, I wish everyone luck in getting their tickets, minus the scalpers and ticket agencies.   I hope the touring Vets of times past are able to get at least a night or two so as to not be upset with the guys for booking such a small venue for such a crucial event in Phish history.  Come October 17th I hope to not be one of the unfortunate saying this, but I will go ahead and get it over with...

Whose got my extras? 

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