Monday, December 19, 2011

The Funky Nuggets 2011.12.17 Kevro's Art Bar Delray Beach, FL

Winter live music sessions are in full swing as the temperature dips into the perfection range. A short lull in chaotic scheduling, due to the holiday weeks, presented a chance to catch up with some local acts that have been gaining momentum. Under the setting of an open air garage-turned-stage, The Funky Nuggets blazed through two sets at Kevro's Art Bar in Delray Beach this past Saturday. Their blend of alternative jam rock ranges from bluesy Grateful Dead sensibilities to fast-paced electronic dance grooves. It wasn't a forced effort to hear a rendition of Sublime's "What I Got"transition into "Home Again" by The Disco Biscuits before jamming back into the Brad Nowell anthem. To end the second set a full band switch with The Psychedelic Pubes provided for some invitingly off-kilter improv exploration. It also showed off the ability these young kids have in adapting to change in the sonic terrain. By cleaning up some of their transitions and changes, the threshold for potential is inspired, if not infinite, for the homegrown crew. 

After a break The Funky Nuggets returned for a more aggressive set that inspired the previously lackluster crowd to dance. An easy high light was a extended "Higher Ground" cover that caught legs into a spaced out jam. The open room, filled with choice street art and just enough prismatic lighting, was a perfect hang out spot for taking down some microbrews and soaking up the reason why Floridians deal with five months of summer to get two months of paradise. A great night with some worthwhile high lights from the Nugs. 

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