Friday, October 14, 2011

The Heavy Pets 2011.10.13 Roxy's Pub West Palm Beach, FL

The Heavy Pets played a full house at the Roxy's Pub Saloon Stage last night and brought a double get-down with two strong sets. Below are pictures, video and the setlist.

Highlights: Justin's huge bass sound all night, opener "So Thank You Music" jam, Jackie Bones played fast, Electric Xanadu deep space jam with Mike using fret board effects, Mike's solo during Pass It Down, and a full band peak during Madagascar.

Mustache Jim Feeling It | Roxy's Pub
Jeff Going Deep | Roxy's Pub
Justin  Dropping Bombs | Roxy's Pub
Mike Getting Soulful | Roxy's Pub
Side Stage | Roxy's Pub
Barn Burner | Roxy's Pub
Rhythm Section Into It | Roxy's Pub
Jim Synthesizing | Roxy's Pub
Clap It Up | Roxy's Pub 
Set 1:
So Thank You Music 
Jackie Bones>
Slow Down
Electric Xanadu 
Pass It Down

Set 2:
Earth Chaser 
Black Ice>
On The Waves
Hedi Sigsmondi 
E: Grace Blix

Videos by Adam Firtel at Cheesehead Productions 



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