Friday, September 30, 2011

Cut Copy With Washed Out 2011.09.29 Grand Central Miami, FL

Washed Out
The road from Bickell may not be paved yellow, but ruby red heels and other swanky hipster attire were in full effect for the Oz invasion of Magic City by the neo-dance poppers Cut Copy. The first of a two night residency at Downtown Miami's Grand Central brought out a comfortably sized crowd facilitating just enough energy and the perfect amount of space to dance. The former railroad station was buzzing early as Peach State electronic ambassadors Washed Out brought their A-game with a tight set of energetic chillwave. The metropolitan crowd was attentive during more intense ambient moments like "Eyes Be Closed," and instantly kinetic for more lofty tracks like "Echoes."
Washed Out
The outdoor patio crowd moved inside as the rain started and the band simultaneously took the stage. A cramped lighting rig came to life as Dan Whitford (guitar, keyboard, vocals), Tim Hoey (guitar, sampler), Mitchell Scott (drums) and Ben Browning (bass) bounced on stage and picked up their instruments. The deep bass grooves of "Take Me Over" would set the pace as the opener. A gauntlet running representation of a dance party was instantly in full effect and the groovy sways did not stop when the smooth lounge anthem "Hanging On To Ever Heartbeat" dropped. Often nostalgic of the Cold War era music climate, the simple rhythmic sections play into modern synthesizers and echoy vocals.  Yes, the youth has managed to revive the taboo era of 80's dance music for their own benefit. The kicker is that its pretty damn good.
Whitford and Hoey of Cut Copy 
The pace changed with heavily distorted "So Haunted" that seemed to deflate the crowd. Maybe the realization of  the local and environ played a part, but this lull in energy quickly shifted back to its previous course when a reverberating gated synth lead into "Corner of the Sky." Satisfied and eager for more, the perfect time to drop the thematic "Lights and Music" presented itself and had the entire dance floor jumping. The vivacity Cut Copy commands during their large festival sets was channeled into the club. A deep cut from the Zonoscope record, "Blink and You'll Miss A Revolution," gave way to another in "Pharaohs & Pyramids." Being one of the new album's more dynamic productions, the outro was extended into a segue that smoothly transitioned into "Saturdays." Pushing the patrons to take the Thursday night as high as possible, an animated display by Whitford during "Hearts On Fire" exploded over into the pulsing audience to close the set.
Cut Copy
A two song encore of "Need You Now" and "Out There On The Ice" put the lock on a short but very enjoyable showing by the Aussie quintet.

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