Sunday, July 17, 2011

Aquaphonics 2011.07.14 Little Moir's Food Shack Jupiter, FL

Little Moir's Food Shack - Maxi's
Time to get wet! On Friday night the infamous BLP Krewe and guerilla film zealots Cheesehead Productions traveled North in caravan style to catch the Aquaphonics. It was to be the first show of a two night run in their home turf of southern Central Florida. Little Moir's Food Shack was playing host so we made a concerted effort to grab some grub from the esteemed restaurant before catching a great night of jams and experimentation from the band. Simply put the food is top notch from the appetizers to the desserts and our party of 8 felt more than satisfied. The cozy venue room Maxi's comfortably fit the thirty or so patrons and the vibe was positive and relaxed. The format of the bar section of the Food Shack puts the band up against the entrance wall and provides a natural focus point from anywhere in the venue. Another interesting dynamic is the location in a shopping center. All of the other establishments close early so volume is a non-issue.  The Aquaphonics always sound better closer to an 11 volume range.

Set 1 echoed from the bar to the eatery as we finished our microbrews and excessive, yet fulfilling, desserts. The song selection was standard and went through covers like Electric Feel by MGMT. Set 2 drew in the crowd and the band seemed to be on a different level. They locked in on many of the extended jam sequences and knowing looks were exchanged on more than one occasion.

Deep ambient sections and pedal play from Steve faded into high energy choices like In Dew. The crowd was in motion on the limited dance floor and smiles were present all around. Jessiah was particularly on point and his near perfect bass and snare drum work accentuated the intricate synth and organ fingerings coming from Alan's bipolar bass and keyboard tones.

Each time I catch these guys they improve on technique and extended sequencing. The amount of layered sound coming from three guys is amazing, especially without the presence of a true bass player in a borderline electronic band. The band played the next night at the Redemption Ultra Lounge in Stuart. They have some very big shows coming up opening for Greenhouse Lounge and Sir Charles at Pineapple Groove and then a two night run with Perpetual Groove at the Culture Room. They finish that weekend on Sunday with a third show at Hurricane for the BLP Rock Out With Your Cook Out.

Alan Martinke
Steve Elmore
Jessiah Weston 
Another day at the office 
The knowing look!
UPDATE: Click here for a recording of Aquaphonics playing InDub on Saturday night at the Redemption Ultra Lounge!

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