Friday, April 2, 2010

The Informant!: That Is Not Okay

Stars: 3.5 Star Power: 3.5
Grade: B Performance: 4
Genre: Drama Comedy Release: 2009

Steve Soderberg brings Matt Damon and an assortment of other regulars for an attractive and pleasing film about Mark Whitacre's roller-coaster involvement with an FBI investigation of his lysine developing company ADM. Whitacre places himself in a sticky situation when he attempts to dupe the FBI while bringing down the upper management echelon. Things spiral out of control when lies and deceit catch up with Whitacre. The story goes public and the tables turn on him. This inevitable irony lands him in jail for a longer sentence then the men he originally tried to expose.

Although the theme of the story is not all together comedic, the presentation and portrayal of Mark Whitacre by Matt Damon consistently has the audience grabbing their hair and asking "why?!" You are truly laughing at him, not with him. Throughout the film there are voice over monologues that serve to fill the gaps between frustration and constantly question what the antagonist, dressed as a protagonist, is truly trying to accomplish. The story was well written, the presentation of the dialogue was decent and overall I was entertained through out all parts of the film.

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